About Me

At first, I Was Awkward and Weak at Yoga.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life and a part of my being.  I stumbled upon yoga many years ago after losing interest in the gym routine.  My first yoga class had me hooked.  My second yoga class had me feeling agitated.  I was awkward, felt weak and was that one person in class consistently with the wrong foot forward.  This frustrating class was such a challenge that I was determined to get better at yoga.

I started attending classes about four times a week and some of these classes were too advanced for a beginner like me but I persisted.  The poses, which were all new to me, presented new challenges to me that came with a bit of excitement.  The chattaranga and downward facing dog were both very challenging and I was amazed at how others in the class made them look so effortlessly easy.

I started yoga because I loved the challenge but I fell in love with it because of the changes I eventually saw in myself both physically but mostly emotionally.

Stresses in my Life When I Started my Yoga Practice

When I started yoga, I had two small kids and a job in which I traveled one to two days a week.  I was stressed.  The effects that yoga had me were gradual but I when I noticed them it was more of a sense of surprise and then excitement that I had found something that could have such a beautiful change.

I’ll never forget the moment I realized the changes yoga had on my life.  I was driving across the state for work.  Hours into the job and it dawned on me that not once had I gotten upset.   Now, my job was stressful and my bosses were (let’s say) very demanding, so the stress level was always high.  But in this ah-ha moment, I reflected on the last few months of my life and realized that my stress had decreased without me even trying.  I didn’t set out for yoga to lower my stress.  It just did.  And along with that, I had gotten stronger, my limber, flexible and thus confident.  It was the body-mind connection that everyone talks about.  It was organically happening to me and it felt great.

Why I Decided to Become A Yoga Teacher

Yoga TeacherAfter years of practicing, I decided to sign up for the teacher training.  My goal was simple.  I wasn’t sure I was going to teach but I knew I wanted to have a deeper understanding of yoga.  I figured this was a way to expand my own practice and benefits.  As I got into the training, I knew I wanted to teach yoga.  However, once I got my certificate, I froze.  I became terrified and afraid that I still needed to know more before I could ever teach a class.  I signed up for more training and family and friends signed up to be my ginny-pigs.  Thank god for family and friends and their willingness to help me when I needed them.

I quickly found that although I loved practicing challenging classes, I enjoyed teaching beginners in group classes or private lessons.  I didn’t feel a connection with students looking to better their handstands, jump-throughs or backbends.  Rather, my connections were to those who originally thought they couldn’t do yoga, to those who couldn’t touch their toes, and to others looking for a stress-free moment in their crazy lives and then finding improvements.  Bringing little accomplishments to these students created huge benefits in their lives that go beyond the pose and how it looks on the mat.  And that is what makes me smile on the inside and at the soul of why I love to teach.